Company Profile

At Omya Healthcare, we strive to make medical devices, accessible and affordable, and to rationalize the cost of care delivery. We are passionate about the design and technological innovations that make positive impact on care delivery, for masses...

We are developing a range of new devices in critical care, maternal care and tissue diagnostics. Our commitment is to deliver locally relevant medical devices that make a difference to our care providers and stakeholders. We believe that the best way to do this is to critically observe the clinicians and care providers in the field and then develop relevant technological solutions to these evaluated, compelling unmet needs.

We are committed to develop most relevant technology solutions. This helps patients and care providers to do more and rationalize the costs. We partner with clinicians, suppliers, technology providers and care providers to help them with lower costs of device ownership and cost per procedure. Being the startup company and in the process of setting up its full fledged manufacturing facility in Bengaluru, and currently augmented its manufacturing supplies by partnering with detecated suppliers having avery strong market reputation in delivering quality products and impelementing relavant quality systems in China. We believe that safety is of outmost importance; we develop interfaces that can reduce medical errors in parameter input and monitoring, technologies that reduce risk of bleeding, and meaningful innovations to make these technologies accessible to all...

Evolution as a medical device manufacturer:

Since 1997, Omya’s core management team has supported healthcare biggies, as medical device contract-manufacturer from meager parts manufacturing till complete device integration, testing and supplies. During this journey of more than a decade, Omya acquired knowledge about the systems & processes, experience and enthusiasm to launch its own brand first in Indian markets and then in the emerging world.



During the journey as device developer, Omya’s team provided new product development consultancy service to GE Healthcare, Philips Medical, Terumo-Penpol, Stryker, Pricol Medical and Piramal Healthcare. The team developed several devices that are successful in Indian and International markets.