Vision and Strategy


Omya, will be at the global forefront, in providing Safer, Innovative devices & Technology solutions and valued for its ability in enabling universal healthcare.

By year 2020, our mission is to establish Omya as a thought leader in the medical device eco-system. We will collaborate and integrate with all the stakeholders of the eco-system and work towards this common goal of making healthcare ‘Affordable & Accessible’ to the masses..


Our aim is to provide locally relevant, latest, technologically advanced medical devices. Whether our products are used in primary health centre, ambulances or tertiary care centre, we continually strive to rationalize the cost and features, and make them accessible and affordable. To do this, we need the right people with the right skills. We need to research the unmet needs, develop relevant technologies. And we need to understand our customers better than anyone else.

Through our clear vision and relentless pursuit of excellence, we'll enjoyed consistent growth in our public and mid-range private Indian healthcare markets as well as in the emerging healthcare markets. And by adhering to this strategy over the next decade, we anticipate that the total business opportunities available to us in these markets will amount to more than US$500 million. We do this by developing innovative devices and solutions across the continuum of care in partnership with clinicians and our customers to improve patient outcomes, provide better value and expand access to care.